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UPS Store of Lewiston is Moving!

10 Jul
July 10, 2014

UPS Store of Lewiston is Moving!

Well, the UPS Store is not going far! We are still in the same building, and we are still using the same address, so there’s no big change on your end. However, the space is much larger and we will be able to accommodate more customers in the bigger space.

The UPS Store will be CLOSED this upcoming Monday, July 14th to make the move into the new space a success.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and look forward to serving you in the near future!

July 4th Weekend Hours

02 Jul
July 2, 2014

AN Deringer - Closed Friday, open Saturday, July 5th 8am-5pm.
Houlton PowerSports - Closed Fri, Sat, & Sun
Norman G Jensen – Closed Friday
Business America Services – Closed Friday, open Sat and Sun 11am-12 noon
Border Mail Depot - Closed Friday
Bay Brokerage Champlain – Closed Fri, Sat, & Sun
Bay Brokerage Tonawanda – Closed Fri, Sat, & Sun
Bay Brokerage Alex Aby - Closed Fri, Sat, & Sun
Bay Brokerage Port Huron – Closed Fri, Sat, & Sun
Wellesley Island Building Supply – Closed Friday
Computing Express – Closed Friday
Pete’s Appliances – Closed Friday
Border Tire & Kinek – Closed Friday
NAC Logistics – Closed Friday
Triple A Building Center – Closed Friday
Red River Freight – Closed Friday
Edge Logistics – Closed Friday
Letterlock Kinek – Closed Friday
Appleway Video – Closed Friday
UPS Store of Lewiston - Closed Friday
New York Mailbox – Closed Friday
Storage Central - Closed Friday
FB Package & Shipping - Closed Friday

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