Colombus Day Hours – Oct 10th, 2016

It is your responsibility to confirm your KinekPoint hours/pricing/etc., prior to leaving or shipping packages. You must login to your Kinek account to confirm information (i.e., click View Hours & Pricing to view hours, package fees, extended storage fees, and also to confirm your KinekPoint address hasn’t changed, etc.).

AN Deringer: Closed Monday, however, you can call beforehand to move package to the office which will be open.
AMZ Wholesale: Regular hours
Appleway Video:
Bay Brokerage Champlain: Regular hours
Bay Brokerage Tonawanda: Regular hours
Bay Brokerage Alex Bay:  Open 9am-4pm Monday, Oct 10th
Bay Brokerage Port Huron:  Regular hours
BayBurg Expediters: Closed Monday, Oct 10th
Border Mail Depot: Regular hours
Border Tire & Kinek: Regular hours
Business America Services: Regular hours
Dysart’s: Regular hours
Edge Logistics: Regular hours
FB Package & Shipping: Regular hours
Houlton Power Sports:  Regular hours
Letterlock Kinek:  Regular hours
Malone Lumber: Regular hours
My American Address: Regular hours
NAC Logistics:  Regular hours
New York Mailbox: Regular hours
Norman G Jensen: Regular hours
Red River Freight: Regular hours
Ship-it: Closed Monday
Storage Central: Closed Monday
Triple A Building Center: Regular hours
UPS Store of Lewiston:  Regular hours
Wellesley Island Building Supply:  Regular hours

July 4th Weekend Hours

AN Deringer: Warehouse closed Monday. Office will be open on Monday for pick-up, however, customers must call the warehouse to have the packages moved over by 5:00 pm on Friday.
AMZ Wholesale:  July 1st Friday to Sunday July 3rd – 9am to 5pm, Closed July 4th Monday, July 5th and 6th (Tuesday and Wednesday 11am to 5pm)
Appleway Video:  Normal hours
Bay Brokerage Champlain:  Closed Sunday and Monday
Bay Brokerage Tonawanda:  Closed Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Bay Brokerage Alex Bay:  Friday July 1st 9:00am – 4:00 pm, Closed Monday
Bay Brokerage Port Huron:  Closed Monday
BayBurg Expediters: Closed Monday
Border Mail Depot: Closed Monday
Border Tire & Kinek:  Normal Hours
Business America Services: Closed Sunday and Monday
Edge Logistics:  Closed Monday
FB Package & Shipping: Closed Monday
Houlton Power Sports:  Closed Monday
Letterlock Kinek:  Closed Monday
Malone Lumber:  Closed Saturday and Monday
My American Address: Closed Monday 
NAC Logistics:  Closed Monday
New York Mailbox: Closed Monday
Norman G Jensen: Closed Monday
Red River Freight: Closed Monday 
Ship-it:  Closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Storage Central: Closed Monday
The UPS Store #3981:  Closed Monday
Triple A Building Center: Closed Monday  
UPS Store of Lewiston:  Closed Monday
Wellesley Island Building Supply:  Open 8-1pm Monday

Bay Brokerage, Champlain, NY Address Issues

Effective June 1, 2016, Bay Brokerage in Champlain, NY, is adding a $10 per package fee when a package is not correctly labeled with your name, Kinek #, and Bay Brokerage address (as shown in your profile).

Kinek realizes that at times the Kinek # and KinekPoint address is modified by the retailer and/or shipper and not by you, but we encourage you to take every precaution to ensure the shipping address contains your Kinek # and the proper KinekPoint address.

As a reminder, there are other KinekPoints in the area. By logging into your Kinek account and selecting the link “Add Another KinekPoint”, you’ll be able to view the list of KinekPoints in the vicinity. By adding them to your account and clicking on “View Hours & Pricing” of each location, you’ll be able to review information and consider your preferred KinekPoint.

Thank you for your continued support and use of the Kinek service.

The Kinek Team.

Easter Weekend Hours 2016

Prior to leaving or shipping items to your KinekPoint, you should always login to your account to confirm information (i.e., View Hours & Pricing, ensure your KinekPoint hasn’t moved, etc.).

AN Deringer: Normal Hours
AMZ Wholesale:  Normal Hours
Appleway Video:  Normal Hours
Bay Brokerage Champlain:  Closed Sunday
Bay Brokerage Tonawanda:  CLOSED Sunday
Bay Brokerage Alex Bay:  Normal Hours
Bay Brokerage Port Huron:  Normal Hours
BayBurg Expediters:  Normal Hours
Border Mail Depot:  Normal Hours
Border Tire & Kinek:   Normal Hours
Business America Services:  Closed Saturday & Sunday
Edge Logistics:  Normal Hours
FB Package & Shipping:  Normal Hours
Houlton Power Sports:  Normal Hours
Letterlock Kinek:  Normal Hours
Malone Lumber:  Normal Hours
My American Address:  Normal Hours
NAC Logistics:  Closed Sunday
New York Mailbox:  Closed Friday
Norman G Jensen:  Normal Hours
Red River Freight:  Normal Hours
Ship-it:  Normal Hours
Storage Central:  Closed Sunday and Monday
The UPS Store #3981:  Normal Hours
Triple A Building Center:  Closed Sunday
UPS Store of Lewiston:  Normal Hours
Wellesley Island Building Supply:  Normal Hours

Kinek – PUDO

Kinek would like to advise that on March 3rd, PUDO Inc. (“PUDO”) (CSE: PDO; OTCQB: PDPTF) acquired certain assets and liabilities of Kinek.

We at Kinek are excited about the growth opportunity this purchase provides to the KinekPoint network and Kinek customers as our visions for alternative delivery are very similar. We foresee enhanced changes to our technology and partnerships that will facilitate greater package volumes in the years to come.

PUDO has partnered with large retailers, with announcements coming soon that will provide growth for the network and package volumes.

All Kinek employees will remain and continue to work diligently to grow the network and our customer base.

Below is information about PUDO.

About PUDO Inc.

PUDO is the last mile delivery solution for parcel pick-up and drop-off services, ensuring reliable and secure delivery where you want I, when you want it. Using easily-accessible PUDO Point™ locations such as convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores with extended hours, PUDO members, participating e-commerce retail consumers, businesses and a home-based workforce can now pick up their parcels anytime, including evenings and weekends. PUDO eliminates the frustration of missed deliveries and gives control over parcel pick-up and delivery back to its members. With user-friendly technology, free membership and thousands of PUDO Point™ locations across Canada and the U.S. PUDO is changing the parcel delivery model in North America. PUDO was named one of the top 20 most innovative public technology companies by the Canadian innovation Exchange in 2015. For more information, please visit: or

The Packaging Store – Closing March 31st

The Packaging Store located in Troy, MI, is closing its doors on March 31st, 2016. This location has been deactivated from our network but will accept any new packages for the next 30 days. All packages currently at this location must be picked up before March 31st. We also ask that if you currently ship to this location that you log into your account and navigate to “Add Another KinekPoint” to select an alternate location.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Note: Prior to leaving or shipping items to your KinekPoint, you should always login to your account to confirm information (i.e., View Hours & Pricing, ensure your KinekPoint hasn’t moved/closed, etc.).

Computing Express DEACTIVATED from Kinek

Computing Express – Kinek, is unfortunately no longer part of the Kinek network.

The great news is we’ve teamed up with a new location, The UPS Store #3981 – Kinek, which is much closer to the border.

We’ve heard from our customers and they are providing the absolute best customer experience possible. The new location also has more convenient hours and accepts packages of any size and weight (including skids). This is a big upgrade!

All that you need to do is login to your Kinek account and navigate to “Add Another KinekPoint”. Select The UPS Store #3981 – Kinek and you’re all set!

If you have packages at Computing Express or on route please ensure you pick up your packages as soon as possible.