Memorial Day Weekend Hours

Please note the Memorial Day Weekend Hours for 2014 below. Some locations are closed during the weekend as well, so please take a close look for your KinekPoint border location before making travel plans!

Bay Brokerage (All 4 locations) – Closed Sat, Sun, & Mon
AN Deringer – Regular Hours
Border Mail Depot – Closed Monday
UPS Store of Lewiston – Closed Monday
Wellesley Island Building Supply (Open 7am-1pm Monday)
Business America Services – Closed Monday
Storage Central – Closed Monday
New York Mailbox – Regular Hours
NAC Logistics – Closed Monday
Edge Logistics – Closed Monday
Red River Freight – Closed Monday
FB Package – Closed Monday
Computing Express – Closed Monday
Pete’s Appliances – Closed Sat, Sun, Mon
Triple A Building – Open Monday 9-2pm
Letterlock Kinek – Closed Monday
Appleway Video – Regular Hours
Norman G Jensen – Closed Monday
Houlton Powersports – Closed Monday

Cyber Monday 2012

This post is going to be short and sweet. It’s Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year! One of the best stops is to search for today’s great deals.

If you plan on shipping to one of our KinekPoints you can always keep that Christmas gift a surprise. Who doesn’t want to save big and completely surprise their loved one?

Happy Cyber Monday from team Kinek.

Attention Sellers

ebay logo

eBay sellers in the United States have been providing low prices on everything you can imagine for the past 17 years. It’s a great way to catch a great deal as most people love their bidding system that usually ends up providing Americans with a lower than retail price on the item they want. does not provide nearly as much products as it’s .com counterpart. It’s the case for almost every Canadian version of a large online retailer. What Kinek enables sellers on to do, is simply insert the below 3 lines into each of their listings, which allows Canadians to buy their items safely. For eBay sellers who do not know what Kinek is, it’s a network of trusted locations across the entire U.S./Canadian border that safely store Canadians purchases for up to 30 days.

Kinek also notifies the user via email and optional text when it arrives and also provides Android and iPhone apps to track their packages with the tracking# given to the customer. 80% of Canadians live within 60 miles of the border so they don’t mind traveling down to pick up their packages. If you want access to 25+ million new customers that are begging for the selection that Americans have simply enter these 3 lines below in your products descriptions for Canadian shoppers. If you would like your eBay store featured on our sister site,, please email [email protected]

“Canadian customers can now save by shipping to a trusted KinekPoint border location. Save on international shipping, brokerage, and possibly duty as well. Sign up at and chose your U.S. address at the border.”

Labor Day Holiday Hours

Border Mail Services – Closed Labor Day
Kinek Norman Jensen – Closed Labor Day
Bay Brokerage (Buffalo) – Closed the 1st and the 3rd
Bay Brokerage (WI/Fineview) – Closed the 1st and the 3rd
Bay Brokerage (Port Huron) – Closed the 1st and the 3rd
Bay Brokerage (Champlain) – Closed the 1st and the 3rd
Business America Services – Closed September 3rd, Open by appointment only on Sept. 1st
Malone Lumber – Closed Labor Day
Triple A Building Center – Open 9-2 Labor Day
FB Package and Shipping Center – Closed Labor Day
Computing Express – Closed Labor Day
Wellesley Isl. Bld. Supply – Saturday 8-3, Sunday 9-1, Closed Monday
The UPS Store of Lewiston – Closed September 3rd
Petes Appliance – Closed Labor Day
N.A.C. Logistics – Closed 3rd of September
New York Mailbox – Open on Saturday Sept 1, from 9 am to 2 pm and on Monday from 9 AM to 4 pm.
Storage Central – Closed September 3rd
Appleway Video – Open 10 am to 9 pm Labor Day
Edge Logistics – Closed Labor Day
Letterlock Kinek – Closed Labor Day
Border Tire & Kinek Pickup – Closed Labor Day
Ship-It – Closing 6pm Thursday, re-open 9am sept 4th
Red River Repair – Closed Labor Day
Calais Ace Homecenter – Closed Labor Day
Houlton Power Sports – Closed Labor Day
A. N. DERINGER INC – Closed 1 Sep – 3 Sep

New Partner: Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co.

Balsam Hill logo

We’re happy to announce Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. as our latest e-commerce partner to leverage Kinek’s Canadian Border Network for cheaper shipping to Canadian customers. It may be July, but there is no better time to find deals on Christmas trees (artificial ones that is), wreaths, and decorations. Balsam Hill sells some of the most realistic, premium artificial Christmas trees on the market. You don’t have to take our word for it either, they are routinely featured throughout the media and their trees are featured in hotels and embassies around the world.

Be sure to check out their site and bookmark it for the holiday season!

– The Kinek Team

Kinek featured on Lang & O’Leary

A couple weeks back we posted about our coverage on CBC. We are proud to announce that we were also featured on the July 2nd episode of Lang & O’Leary. Below is a clip of the episode where Amanda Lang talks with Kinek CEO Kerry McLellan  about the service and how Kinek is positioning itself for future endeavours.

Kinek featured on Lang & O’Leary from Kinek on Vimeo.

Border KinekPoints: July 4th Holiday Hours

For all our Canadian cross border shoppers, we’ve pulled together the holiday hours of our Border KinekPoints and posted them below. Some of them are closed for Canada Day as well so be sure to double check these hours before driving down to pick up your packages.

Border KinekPoints:

  • Edge Logistics – Closed July 4th
  • Letterlock Kinek – Closed July 4th
  • Appleway Video – Closed July 4th
  • Border Tire & Kinek Pickup – Regular hours
  • Red River Repair – Closed July 4th
  • Pete’s Appliance – Closed July 4th
  • Bay Brokerage Port Huron – Closed July 1st and 4th
  • Bay Brokerage Wellesley Island – Closed July 1st and 4th
  • Bay Brokerage Buffalo – Closed July 1st and 4th
  • Bay Brokerage Champlain – Closed July 1st and 4th
  • Border Mail Services – Closed July 2nd and 4th
  • FB Package & Shipping – Closed July 4th
  • Computing Express – Closed July 4th
  • Storage Central – Closed July 4th
  • Calais Ace Homcenter – Closed July 4th
  • Deringers – Closed July 4th
  • Wellesley Island Building Supply – Closed July 4th
  • NAC Logisitcs – Closed July 4th
  • Triple A Building Center – Closed July 4th
  • UPS Store of Lewiston – Closed July 4th
  • Disc and Belleville – Closed July 4th
  • Kinek Norman Jensen – Closed July 4th
  • Business America Services – Closed July 4th
  • Houlton Powersports – Closed July 4th
  • Malone Lumber & Ready-Mix – Closed July 4th

Have a great long weekend!

– The Kinek Team

Track Your Packages

If you’re anything like us, the second after you buy something online you want to know when it’ll be delivered. Actually, we want to know more than that. We want to know where it is, where it’s been, who’s shipping it, and just about any other detail available. Oh, and we want to know all of that as soon as it happens, wherever we are.

That’s precisely why we built package tracking and notifications directly into the Kinek web and mobile apps. Now when you order something online you can add the tracking number (UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, or USPS) to your Kinek account and we’ll monitor it’s status for you. No more checking the courier’s site every hour to see if the package has moved. Sit back, relax. and wait for your Kinek Tracking email, text message, or iPhone/Android Push notification to arrive.

We’ll even plot out its progress on the map for you:

Kinek Tracking San Francisco

Package delivered to San Francisco KinekPoint

Adding your tracking number is super simple. The easiest way to add a number to your account is by forwarding your Shipping Confirmation email (which includes the tracking number) to [email protected] and the number will automatically be added to your account. Just be sure to send the email from the same address you used to create your Kinek account.

You can also copy and paste the tracking number directly into the Kinek iPhone or Android app by tapping on the “Tracking” tab, or by visiting the “Tracking” section of the web app.

Kinek Tracking Border

Package delivered to a Border KinekPoint


New Partner: Clean Energy Brands!


Clean Energy Brands

We’ve partnered with Clean Energy Brands to enable Canadians to shop Clean Energy’s large selection of alternative energy products and then pick-up their order at the nearest Border KinekPoint. If you’re interested in making your house or cottage more energy efficient, or taking it completely off the grid, it’s well worth checking out Clean Energy Brands. They have a huge selection of everything from roof mounted solar panels, batteries, cabling, and even weather monitoring equipment.

There’s no longer the worry about how much international shipping and brokerage will cost as Clean Energy Brands promotes the use of our US Border KinekPoint Network. You can use any of our 28 Border KinekPoints as your personal US shipping address to avoid international shipping fees. We’ll of course provide you updates on your package tracking and notify you as soon as the order is delivered. We’ll store your packages for 30 days, giving you lots of time to swing by and pick them up.