Bay Brokerage, Champlain, NY Address Issues

Effective June 1, 2016, Bay Brokerage in Champlain, NY, is adding a $10 per package fee when a package is not correctly labeled with your name, Kinek #, and Bay Brokerage address (as shown in your profile).

Kinek realizes that at times the Kinek # and KinekPoint address is modified by the retailer and/or shipper and not by you, but we encourage you to take every precaution to ensure the shipping address contains your Kinek # and the proper KinekPoint address.

As a reminder, there are other KinekPoints in the area. By logging into your Kinek account and selecting the link “Add Another KinekPoint”, you’ll be able to view the list of KinekPoints in the vicinity. By adding them to your account and clicking on “View Hours & Pricing” of each location, you’ll be able to review information and consider your preferred KinekPoint.

Thank you for your continued support and use of the Kinek service.

The Kinek Team.

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