Bay Brokerage in Tonawanda Moves to Larger Warehouse

Your KinekPoint, Bay Brokerage, has MOVED to a new and improved warehouse!

Below is the new address for you to use when making all future Kinek orders. Be sure to include your name and Kinek# in the address on every order, otherwise issues can arise and Kinek will not guarantee your order!

All packages on route to the old address will be auto-forwarded to the new location for the next 60 days. All existing package at the old address can now be picked up at the new address below.

Your Name
171 Cooper Ave, Suite 108, your Kinek#
Tonawanda NY 14150

The new warehouse is just a few buildings away from the old one.

Phone #: +1- 716-783-7226 (remains the same)

To log into your Kinek account visit

The Kinek Team