Attention Sellers

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eBay sellers in the United States have been providing low prices on everything you can imagine for the past 17 years. It’s a great way to catch a great deal as most people love their bidding system that usually ends up providing Americans with a lower than retail price on the item they want. does not provide nearly as much products as it’s .com counterpart. It’s the case for almost every Canadian version of a large online retailer. What Kinek enables sellers on to do, is simply insert the below 3 lines into each of their listings, which allows Canadians to buy their items safely. For eBay sellers who do not know what Kinek is, it’s a network of trusted locations across the entire U.S./Canadian border that safely store Canadians purchases for up to 30 days.

Kinek also notifies the user via email and optional text when it arrives and also provides Android and iPhone apps to track their packages with the tracking# given to the customer. 80% of Canadians live within 60 miles of the border so they don’t mind traveling down to pick up their packages. If you want access to 25+ million new customers that are begging for the selection that Americans have simply enter these 3 lines below in your products descriptions for Canadian shoppers. If you would like your eBay store featured on our sister site,, please email [email protected].

“Canadian customers can now save by shipping to a trusted KinekPoint border location. Save on international shipping, brokerage, and possibly duty as well. Sign up at and chose your U.S. address at the border.”