Colombus Day Hours – Oct 10th, 2016

It is your responsibility to confirm your KinekPoint hours/pricing/etc., prior to leaving or shipping packages. You must login to your Kinek account to confirm information (i.e., click View Hours & Pricing to view hours, package fees, extended storage fees, and also to confirm your KinekPoint address hasn’t changed, etc.).

AN Deringer: Closed Monday, however, you can call beforehand to move package to the office which will be open.
AMZ Wholesale: Regular hours
Appleway Video:
Bay Brokerage Champlain: Regular hours
Bay Brokerage Tonawanda: Regular hours
Bay Brokerage Alex Bay:  Open 9am-4pm Monday, Oct 10th
Bay Brokerage Port Huron:  Regular hours
BayBurg Expediters: Closed Monday, Oct 10th
Border Mail Depot: Regular hours
Border Tire & Kinek: Regular hours
Business America Services: Regular hours
Dysart’s: Regular hours
Edge Logistics: Regular hours
FB Package & Shipping: Regular hours
Houlton Power Sports:  Regular hours
Letterlock Kinek:  Regular hours
Malone Lumber: Regular hours
My American Address: Regular hours
NAC Logistics:  Regular hours
New York Mailbox: Regular hours
Norman G Jensen: Regular hours
Red River Freight: Regular hours
Ship-it: Closed Monday
Storage Central: Closed Monday
Triple A Building Center: Regular hours
UPS Store of Lewiston:  Regular hours
Wellesley Island Building Supply:  Regular hours

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