Dear Kinek Members,

The US and Canadian border has officially been ordered to be closed in order to suppress exposure and transfer of the COVID-19 virus.

We understand that this will cause a delay with respect to being able to collect parcels across the border so we are actively working alongside our KinekPoint locations to devise a plan to help alleviate the potential of high late pick up charges.

Please be advised of the following new guidelines implemented by our US Border KinekPoints.

Specific instructions have been provided by the following KinekPoints during this time;

 A.N. DERINGER – do not charge extra for late pick up but ask that parcels are picked up within 90 days. However, they will hold parcels for up to one year.


New name: Kinek Depot 938

New address: 105 Main Street Oroville Wa 98844. (Old parcels have not yet been transferred to this location)

EFFECTIVE MARCH 24, 2020: The Governor has ordered the closure of parcel pick-up from their location indefinitely. They will open again as soon as possible.

All parcels will be held safely for the duration the border closure and will be available for pick up once the border reopens. There will be no storage charges. If you are interested in collecting items, appointment is required. Please contact Vivian at 509-476-0149 to make arrangements or to ask any additional questions she will be glad to help!

ARNOLD LUMBER & CONCRETE – do not charge late pick up fees. They ask that members notify them if they are not going to be pick up their package for over 30 days.  They will hold their packages until members are able to come for pick up and will only mark them abandoned after 1 year if there has been no contact from the Kinek member.

BAY BROKERAGE (ALEXANDRIA BAY) – will waive the late pick up charges for the duration of the border restriction/closing.

BAY BROKERAGE (CHAMPLAIN) – the office will be closed for Kinek parcel pick-up until further notice. Late charge fees will not be applied during this time. The office will still be open for brokerage clearing essential vehicles that are crossing the border, so they will still accept incoming packages

BAY BROKERAGE (FORT GRATIOT) – will hold packages at their location indefinitely and will waive late fee charges during this time. Due to COVID-19 they are operating under a modified schedule of Monday- Friday and will be closed on weekends.

BAY BROKERAGE (TONAWANDA) – will waive the late fees only during the time of the shutdown and start-up again after it reopens. They are also still open and able to receive parcel deliveries.

BAYBURG EXPEDITERS LLC – will waive late pick up fees and hold all parcels for the duration of the border closure. They are offering parcel forwarding into Canada. Please email them directly for quoting at [email protected] – please include your name, Kinek#, tracking number(s), home address, and package contents.

BORDER MAIL DEPOT – will be waiving all late fees during the border restriction/closure.

  • Parcel Forwarding by Border Mail Depot (Ontario Quebec area) – (518) 208-3028 | [email protected]

BUSINESS AMERICA SERVICES – will not be charging late fees effective as of 3/18/2020. They do offer small package forwarding services to Canada. Please contact them directly to request a quote and to receive their Package Forwarding Form needed to fulfill parcel forwarding. Please contact them via email at [email protected] or call 802-868-7244 for further details.

DOLLAR CITY WAREHOUSE – Will hold all parcels until the border reopens. Late fee charges will not be waived. Parcel forwarding can be arranged. If interested, please call the location directly to get quoting from Renee. (716) 597-0533. This location is modified their hours of operation due to COVID-19 – Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

EDGE LOGISTICS – will waive the late pick up charges for the duration of the border restriction/closing

“At Edge Logistics, we are doing our best to enact safe practices in our warehouse and office in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Please note that starting on March 23rd, our warehouse hours will change:
  • Weekdays: Warehouse open 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Weekends: Warehouse closed until further notice

During this time, we will be lenient on storage charges as we understand that it’s not possible for all of our customers to pick up their packages.

Please note that our cross border delivery services are still fully functioning. We are prepared to assist with getting your product to you. For more information on how we can help please email: [email protected] or call 360-332-1414″

FB PACKAGE AND SHIPPING CENTER – will not be imposing any late fees on packages. They do offer package forwarding. If interested, please contact them to receive quote.

HOULTON POWER SPORTS – will be waiving their late pick up fees and will be holding all parcels for the duration of the border closure.

KINEK LIVINGSTON INT’L/NORMAN G JENSEN, INC – will not be adding any late fees to parcels received from January 2020 onward. Parcels may be collected anytime thereafter and the regular holding fee charge will apply only.

LETTERLOCK SUMAS – will waive the late pick up charges for the duration of the border restriction/closure. They also have the option of parcel forwarding. Please email [email protected] to have their driver forward your package to their Abbotsford, BC location for pick up. Please note there is a fee associated with this option. If you prefer to have your item forward to your residence, please email [email protected]

MY AMERICAN ADDRESS – will continue to receive the incoming parcel and hold packages until the border reopens. They will also waive all late fee charges.

N.A.C. LOGISTICS – do not charge extra for late pick up and will hold parcels for as long as necessary

N.A.C. New Reduced Hours/Shipping Procedures Effective March 23, 2020;

  • open daily for receiving UPS, USPS and FedEx 6 days a week.
  • will continue to receive freight and book outgoing freight shipments, however, please advise Betsy of incoming freight before delivery at (203)-314-2226.
  • if you need to come outside of the new reduced hours, please call for an appointment.  

NEW YORK MAILBOX – will not add any late charges to the packages effective March 21, 2020 until US-Canada Border reopens. They will count the days before and after the closure period for calculating late pickup charges. You will get the first 30 days free.

Effective September 10, 2020 – any package received after September 10, 2020 will be applied the same old policy of 30 days free hold and a late fee of $ 1 per week thereafter.

Please note New York Mailbox is offering parcel forwarding services due to the border closure. Please email them directly at [email protected] to make arrangements.

RED RIVER FREIGHT – do not charge extra for late pick up.

TRIPLE A BUILDING CENTER (MASSENA) – will waive the late pick up charges and will store all packages for the duration of the border closure. Due to US Federal Regulations, they are unable to forward any packages.

UPS STORE OF LEWISTON – normally charges a storage fee after 30 days but has suspended and waived those fees at the current time. Items still will need to be picked up within 90 days of delivery or they will be returned to the sender as unclaimed as they cannot hold parcels indefinitely.  

  • Parcel Forwarding – UPS Store of Lewiston (Ontario area) – (716) 405-7116 | [email protected]

WELLESLEY ISLAND BUILDING – will be holding all packages and waiving late charge fees. They do not offer parcel forwarding at this time.

Please also keep in mind that we have the following four KinekPoint locations that offer parcel forwarding into Canada;

If you currently have parcels at any of these 4 KinekPoints you may request to have it forwarded to your Canadian address. You would need to call the location directly and get paperwork filled out and pay for the shipping/brokerage/import fees over the phone. Please note, Kinek is not involved in the forwarding aspect and we do not guarantee your package.

Please also note that a friend or family member can pick up a package on your behalf. Provide them with your Kinek# along with a copy (electronic version is fine) of your photo ID (must include the same address as in your Kinek account), and the receipt for the item purchased. You may want to also provide them with a copy of your Kinek Delivery Notice, as that will also include your Kinek#.

It is also advised to cease placing orders to be sent to your KinekPoints during this time as the chance to cross the border again is indefinite.

If you do not see your KinekPoint on the first list above, please feel free to contact them directly for further instruction as each location guidelines are at their own discretion. Login to your Kinek profile for contact information.

To be given the direct email address for your KinekPoint’s contact please reach out to us on live chat and/or email to make the request.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely day by day and update you all accordingly.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Sincere Regards,


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  1. Just wondering after the news today (and continual ongoing changes), will you be adding to this list, as there are a number of outlets extremely close to the border that are not listed like Triple A Building Center Massena.

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