US Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2017: Nov 23rd, 24th, …

It is your responsibility to confirm KinekPoint’s hours/pricing/etc., prior to leaving or shipping packages. You must login to your Kinek account at and click on “View Hours & Pricing” to confirm KinekPoint “Details”, which includes hours, package fees, extended storage fees, current address, etc.  If Holiday Hour details are missing on the Kinek account profile, you must call the KinekPoint prior to departure and speak with someone directly to confirm that the KinekPoint is open. 

AN Deringer:   CLOSED Nov 23rd
AMZ Wholesale:  CLOSED Nov 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th.
Appleway Video:  Open 11am – 5pm
Bay Brokerage Champlain: CLOSED Nov 23rd
Bay Brokerage Tonawanda:  TBD
Bay Brokerage Alex Bay:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
Bay Brokerage Fort Gratiot (Port Huron): CLOSED Nov 23rd
BayBurg Expediters:  CLOSED
Border Mail Depot:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
Border Tire & Kinek:   CLOSED Nov 23rd
Business America Services:   CLOSED Nov 23rd
Dysart’s:  OPEN Regular Hours
Edge Logistics:   CLOSED Nov 23rd
FB Package & Shipping:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
Houlton Power Sports:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
Letterlock Kinek:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
Livingston – Norman G Jensen: CLOSED Nov 23rd
Malone Lumber:  CLOSED  Nov 23rd
My American Address:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
NAC Logistics:   CLOSED Nov 23rd
New York Mailbox: CLOSED Nov 23rd
Red River Freight:  CLOSED Nov 23rd & Closing at 4PM on Nov 24th
Ship-it: CLOSED Nov 23rd & 24th (closed on weekends see profile for additional information)
Storage Central: CLOSED Nov 23rd
Triple A Building Center Massena:  CLOSED  Nov 23rd
UPS Store of Lewiston:  CLOSED Nov 23rd
UPS Store #3981 Detroit:    CLOSED Nov 23rd
Wellesley Island Building Supply:   CLOSED Nov 23rd

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